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Bainbridge Island

Today Be Peace

Schools and Organizations




Ainsworth Elementary

Portland Civic Theater

Portland Art Museum

Wilson High School


Portland State University

Hunter City College


New School Of Social Research

The University of Oregon Folklore Department
The University of Oregon Gerontology Program
University of Oregon 3PM Planning Department
The University of Oregon Geography Department
The University of Oregon Music Department

Here's what I look for and CHERISH in a University and What do I LOVE about both University of Santa Cruz and University of Victoria:

I love that they view education as a COLLABORATIVE process rather than PROFESSOR and student ( in tiny letters).

We are all students and teachers.

This is the truth I live by

and the wisdom of the universe

as it is expressed to me

whether by being with a small child

or sitting with a stately tree,

they teach me the proof of this truth

every moment

in every expereince.

UC Santa Cruz EVERY Department!!!!

UC Santa Cruz Music Department

UC Santa Cruz Women's Center

UCSC Long Marine Science Center

UCSC Seymore Discovery Center

University of Victoria, BC


 Lane County Mediation Services

Pacific Oceanography Programs


Marin Marine Mammal Center

Chabot Science Center


Inner Light

Shamanic Study Foundations Worldwide

To ALL of these places of learning

I give my grateful


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