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The Fairies Shade Garden

February 7, 2015 ·

Shade is often seen as a problem in the garden, when it comes to making a place inviting for fairies to live in. However there’s a whole world we can create that offers these sweet spirits a lovely home.

In fact, you will find that most fairies welcome a break from the intense sunlight of many flower gardens and will in fact flock to your lovely shaded guarded as a welcome Home. Before picking and choosing the plants to entice fairies to come to your garden, spend some time quietly sitting in various locations in your garden. Do this at differing times of the day. Pay attention to the light, where it falls and where it doesn’t. Also consider the angle and intensity of the sun which changes with the season; and time of day. For instance morning sun is far gentler than mid afternoon sun.

and don’t forget the MOON!! Fairies love moonlight, so it is important to get to know your garden in moonlight as well. If you can, create at least some small clear patch that is safe and secluded for them, so that they have a place for their moonlight dance.

Most of the time, it is possible to alter the amount of shade by pruning and thinning trees and bushes, to let dappled light in. Once again, do this carefully and slowly, paying attention to how the light delicately enters the garden. Also, painting a fence or wall white to bounce light off of and back into the garden is a possibility. A favorite fun garden addition the fairies love is mirrors. Placing one or two mirrors along the fence creates a magical sense of depth and richness as well as more reflective light. Adding light to the pathways adds dimension and interest to the garden. I like the tubular holiday lights or even lumieres left over from halloween.

Trellises also brighten a shade garden adding a sense of magical entry to hidden and secret places of the garden. These can be a perfect place to hang a bird feeder or soft quiet gentle wind chime. Fairies love the small tinkly wind chimes, as I’m sure you know!Once you have a sense of light in the garden it is time to begin to layer the understory in your garden. This ‘understory’ is made up of low hanging branches, soft mosses, and small border plants such as sweet woodruff which flowers most of the year creating a pretty place for your fairies’ enjoyment. The understory is a quiet nestling place for fairies and their friends to enjoy tea and conversation in your garden. As you can imagine, is an important aspect of your fairy shade garden. Many people don’t like moss, however fairies do!! So to encourage moss to grow you can mix a mixture of buttermilk water and coca cola and spray it in the quiet places of the understory where the fairies like to rest.

Also tucking small pottery pie style plates into the understory that can be filled with water is a welcome addition for the fairies. They love looking at their reflection in the miniature pond!There is a surprisingly diverse group of shade-loving plants, including some

bamboos, dozens of gingers and low-growing peacock moss.

I didn’t mention some obvious plants which can be the mainstay of a shade garden. These


Primroses – spring



Geraniums-year round

Busy lizzies or impatiens These come in a variety of forms including African which are

very hardy






Japanese anemones


VioletsREMBEMBER!!! Since fairies and kids often go together!!! PLEASE keep your fairy garden poison free! Remember Foxgloves and night shade plants are attractive to kids AND deadly!! So these do NOT belong in your happy fairy shade garden!!HAPPY Fairy Shade GARDENING


The amazing music from the Film PETER PAN by James Newton Howard