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Bainbridge Island

Today Be Peace

My Inspiring Authors

Gershon Winkler

David Cooper

Thich Naht Hahn

Sandra Ingerman

Clarissa Pinkole Estes

Lynn V. Andrews

Laurence Boldt

Jill Mara


Marcia Praegera

Wayne Dosick

The Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror: A Guide to Practicing Buddhism in Modern Life by Woody Hochswender

Builders of the Pacific Coast

by Lloyd Kahn

General Authors and Books

Buckminister Fuller, Alan Wats, Ram Das, Yogananda, Gary Zukov, Martin Buber,

The Uses of Enchantment:

The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales

by Bruno Bettelheim

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

by Christiane Northrup

The Way of Mastery

The Red Tent by Anita Dimant

Jane Austen

DH Lawrence

World Folktales

Amy Tan

James Herriot

Take me to Truth

The Encyclopedia of Angels

Laurence Durel

EM Forrester

John Fowles - The French Lieutenant's Woman

Another Wayside Inn Attraction - Tom Robbins

A Plethora of Mystery Writers

Tony Hillerman

Ellis Peters

PD James

Agatha Christie

Dorothy Sayers

Arthur Conan Doyle

Rita Braun Jackson

Martha Grimes

Carolyn Keene

I LOVE Children's Authors and Books

Beatrix Potter

Louisa May Alcott

Maud Hart Lovelace

Laura Ingals Wilder


William Blake

Fairy Tales

James Barrie

EDEN Southworth - The Madcap adventures of Capitola

Carolyn Keene

Wisdom Keepers

A brief video featuring The Native American Taoist website, and thoughts from Thunderhands. Native American wisdom and prophecy concerning the balance of Grandmother earth. A return to the ways of old...